Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Ah, I feel loved or "Why I'm not allowed to make up prompts"

Remember how I said I wasn't going to create a tag for the Lightswitch AU? That was a total lie. However, it was absolutely necessary. The madness has spread!

water_soter caught the bug, and based on my comment on a possible take on "The Storm", wrote  Sometimes Things Just Don't Go Your Way


Then I gave poor jadesfire2808 this prompt:

And not only did she manage to address it, she gave me Rodney whumping!:  Some Assistance Necessary

(And yes, I seem to have an unnatural obsession with Clippy as of late.)

And last, but not least, kristen999 asked for prompts, and while I did not give her Clippy... well. We got Fluff and Fold out of it, which as it's title suggests, is fluffy and snicker worthy.

I have the feeling I'm not going to be allowed to give out prompts in the future. (Trust me, I can top Clippy if given enough time to think about it.)
Tags: fic rec, lightswitch
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