Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

I'm a lemming wolf, it seems

"Cmon... everybody's doing it!"

That apparently is all the encouragement I need to sign myself up for sgabigbang . I'd blame it on kristen999  because it was through her that I found out they were including gen this year. Or muzzle_  for going "You can do it! You're so awesome!" (Damn you, Muzz, you know I can't resist a good ego stroking). Or jadesfire2808 going "Join meeeeee!"...

But honestly... I'm just a masochist, and I thought another epic WIP is just what I needed.

Because obviously having figured out what to do with my genficathon prompt (thank you sleepy subconscious) is a sign that I need more to do in life. (And keep me from exploding with anticipation before S5's premiere).
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