Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

The Intarw3b ate my brain...

Dear god, someone stop me.

My night started out so innocent, surfing from page to page, until I somehow got directed to this lovely gem from

Curious that somehow this 9000+ review piece of... of... (words fail me) had generated some sort of YouTube phenomenon, morbid curiosity led me here: (not... bad, but I wouldn't watch it at work)
I laughed, I cried, I stopped breathing for a while...

After being revived from into a zombie-like state, I clicked onto one of the other related links:
Fox News at 11

Apparently zombies can go into cardiac arrest. After EMTs revived me with a plate of fresh brains, I knew I couldn't sleep until I followed up on the tragic tale of Ebony, Draco, and Harry PotterVampire. It is now almost two am. It's like staring at a train wreck. A massive, flaming train wreck, because if this author isn't a troll it is so very wrong for me to find this so freaking amusing.

Two AM... must sleep...

...but I have to know how it ends!

ETA: I'm on part four... out of ten. Help!
Tags: crack
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