Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Decisions decisions...

I was going to take this break from writing to make a semi-serious, writerly post on the pros and cons of having to write warnings for fics...

...but I got distracted with shiny, pretty technology and tax refund money begging to be spent frivolously.

So I've narrowed it to three options:

The Amazon Kindle - For the rest of the world, it is an e-book reader. For me, it's a solution to be able to read fic in restaurants during my lunch hour, or possibly in bed since the laptop gets entirely too hot/restricts movement too much. It also has just about a constant internet connection, so I could conceivably check my e-mail if my phone somehow acts up on me. (And that only happens... once a day.) It also has a mini keyboard for typing out notes, but for me it's all about the net connection.

Nokia N810 - My solution for not getting an iPhone -- and yep, I can still read fic on the go, although admittedly without the "book" feel of the Kindle and the e-ink to make it easier on the eyes. This does everything else though, and it comes with built in WiFi. Has a nifty slide-out keyboard, and from the million and a half reviews I've found, an awesome web browser and works pretty well as a portable word processor, which is what I'm looking for. The drawback is it doesn't have the "always on" net option of the Kindle/iPhone unless I:

A) Am willing to pay an arm and a leg for AT&T's bluetooth tethering option
B) Jump through five million hoops and get a second cell phone to hook it up.

I really should be happy with my current little browser on my phone, but I'm not. My sister-in-law and I have a theory that when I get my Watch of Uber Dorkiness, it can serve as this connection as well.

EeePC - Because I really need a third computer. No blue tooth/"always on" option without some serious machine hacking (and at that point, see the Nokia issues), but hey, 7" computer!

Anyone have experience with any of the above devices/similar ones? Solutions for the net everywhere dilemma? Technology squee?
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