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It's Fri-i-day

I know I still owe two of you an answer on the meme (Sorry! The reasons why are for another post altogether), but I couldn't not share this. Why? Because it's Friday, and I want to go home, damn it.

I had to pause at least three times, because there's only so much inanity that I can take. But eventually, I made it through. For those of you haven't had the... pleasure, I've embedded the video for you. Because I'm a sharing person like that.

So... did you guys realize... that it's... Friday?

However, I disagree with the internet at large, and still maintain that this is the worst song I've ever been subjected to.

On an unrelated note? WTF?
So I've got a long morning ahead of me, as I'm having a few tests performed before I get to have yet another *drumroll* surgery, yes! I get to drink some delicious radioactive fluid (ETA: Just kidding! It was an injection. Now blood is all glowy!) to see which of my parathyroids is acting naughty and giving me kidney stones. If I start to glow or develop any strange or cool superpowers, I'll make sure to let you guys know. Maybe with pics of my glowy heroic deeds.

And a meme to ease back into the swing of thingsCollapse )

For some reason, the end of this video reminds me of muzzle_


Your Quarterly Greyias Update

While I'm waiting on things to render here at work, I figured it was about time for my quarterly update. (Well, at least that seems how often I've been posting.) I think I last left off with a love for the Hawaii Five-0 remake, which I should add, continues to make me squeal like a little girl. It has such squeetastic team love, snark, action, and, most importantly, explosions -- how could I not love it? I'm not sure why I haven't ficced it yet, other than I seemed to have misplaced my writing brain over a year ago and am still looking for it. It's always in the last place you look, amirite?

Shortly after my last post o' flail, I was pulled in to work my company's annual meeting with our customers, and... work kind of didn't let go for the next few months. Luckily, I developed a severe kidney infection that sent me to the hospital, and I was finally able to get some rest.

Ho-ho! I'm totally not kidding!

Kidney infections are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. If those monkeys were hitting you with said barrel, over and over again. Also, lots of talk about health issues, if that's not your thang.Collapse )

Then I got puppy.Collapse )

Puppy Picture SpamCollapse )

Okay, enough of the cute, back to the kidneysCollapse )
Hey work, why we gotta be like this? I mean, I say I'm going to do one thing, like, I don't know, post something, and then you go, "but wait, you have quadbajillion videos that need to be produced by next week. Oh, by the way, all of the AV in the building is on the fritz. You're gonna need to stay late. Yeahhhh..." /officespace

So. I still really want to make a nice, long (well, at this rate, longer than a sentence and a picture) post on my thugs thoughts GODDAMNIT IPAD on the Five-0 remake, it's relationship to the original, and y'know, squee. The usual. However, I only have time for a brief instareact post for episode two, because its past midnight and I need to sleep.

Damn you sleep! Every night you taunt me!

Typing out code on an iPad virtual keyboard is tedious. Oh, and nothing but squee and possible vaguish spoilery things beyond the cut. In depth thought requires TIME. And a physical keyboard. This is also the longest cut text evar, will I get away with it?Collapse )

Bum bum bum bum bum... bum bum bum bummmm!

I have to head off to sleep here soon, but since I've been looking forward to it all summer, I felt I needed to present my reaction to the remake Hawaii Five-0 pilot:

Very succinctlyCollapse )

*straightens tie*

Hopefully I can find the time later this week to make a real post (how long has it been since I made one of those? Far too long), and elaborate on the above opinion more.

Hilarity on John Watson's Blog

I finished off the rest of Sherlock series one earlier this week, and am currently trying to keep myself from getting sucked into another fandom, especially when I barely have enough time to comment on other people's posts, much less make my own on a consistent basis (I'm currently typing this up on my iPad's note app, because I can come back to it much easier than a LJ post.)

I digress.

Anyway, I'm currently trying, and judging by how quickly I snapped up free collections of Holmsian stories on iBooks, failing miserably to keep myself from falling too hard for a show that only has THREE episodes. Why must you tease me so, British television?

Reading John Watson's blog is not helping. (Note: This is one of the show's official sites, so there are spoilers in the posts, although thankfully John Watson does seem to know the value of a spoiler cut. Which is kind of amusing in itself. I suggest going there after watching the series, though.) 

Back foul temptress fandom, BACK I SAY!

Fleeting spoilers for Sherlock 1x01 under cut, no guarantees on anything in the comment sectionCollapse )

Oh no, I think I'm going to have to find Sherlock icons now. Hurry! Send help before it's too late!

*happy dance*

Federal judge rules Proposition 8 unconstitutional

I will continue to do my little happy dance1 of happiness, at least until this song and dance starts all over again at the next round of appeals.

1 - I might be the guy in the hat. Or the one that looks like Frodo. I haven't decided.

iPad=Death Star?

There's no way I couldn't share this:

brb, loling forever


Reversebang Reminder

If any of you were still on the fence about signing up as an author for the SGA Reversebang, today is the last day to sign up!

SGA Reverse Bang banner

Remember that the minimum word count for stories is only 5000 words, and you'll have an entire month to write. A lot of awesome artists have signed up and submitted art, so if you're interested, come on over and sign up.

SGA Reverse Mini Bang 2010

Oooops, it's been since the end of January since I've made a public post. My bad, everyone.

I've been wanting to do a pimp post for the Dreamwidth community/challenge, SGA Reverse Bang, in which the usual Big Bang formula is reserved. First, art, then fic! I'd seen this done for the Leverage fandom, and I was really excited to see someone take it up for SGA fandom as well. This first round is a "mini-bang" of sorts, as the minimum word count for the stories to be prompted from the art is only 5000 words long. So if you're looking for a summer challenge, you might want to consider this one.

The rules and dates are to be found at this post here.

For those interested in signing up to do art for this challenge, today is the last day. I've signed up for both, because I have a hard time resisting some challenges, and this one has bit my muse, what can I say?

SGA Reverse Bang

There's still plenty of time for author sign-ups, which close on May 30th. Authors will get to choose which piece of art to write a 5000 word (minimum) story to. With such a low word count, and such awesome artists producing art, how can you resist?


This brief and random interlude is brought to you by eBay. Selling your soul (and various other sundries) since 1996.


Excuse me while I die of laughter.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled radio LJ-silence.


What the...?

While trawling through my drafts folder, desperately searching for something or another... I come across this. Leesa, I only have the vaguest memory of this, but somehow... I think this is your fault. Actually, the more I think about it, I'm really sure you're responsible for it. *g*

Never Piss Off a UnicornCollapse )


Hello LJ-verse! Sorry to have been so quiet as of late. Been really tied up with buying a house/moving, so whatever free time I've had, has usually been spent with a vacant stare and a mind trying to figure out what I've forgotten. I think my upcoming New Year's resolution might be "do less ostrich impressions", or something of the like. I've talked to some of you in quasi-recent memory, but how's everyone else doing?

And also, because I'm a multi-tasker like that, I'm posting this now. Possibly because an anonymouse has been giving me not-so-subtle hints to post one of these for a few weeks now.

2009 Spacemas WishlistCollapse )


Thank you everyone for the snowflake cookies! It was a pleasant surprise to open my e-mail and see them pop in! ♥!

*goes back to staring helplessly at Secret Santa*

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