Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Another Bad Idea in Progress

On tonight's very special episode of: Why [info - personal] greyias Isn't Allowed Near Tech: "Jailbreaking the iPhone".

Expect many ETAs filled with either pictures, hilarity, or tears to follow.

You would think that if I was this bored, I would write. Brain, why doth thee torture me so?

ETA: Okay... I just had my first panicky moment, and I haven't even started. Off to find a better detailed post on backing up the phone.'

ETA2: Here we go... *holds breath*


ETA4: Oh wait... it's better now.

ETA5: Oh crap, it's frozen up!

ETA6: Fixed it! There's a pineapple on my screen now!

ETA7: Hot damn! I think it worked! :D Now to really get my g33k on. Pictures (hopefully) to follow.

ETA8: About to faceplant onto the desk because of tiredness... but this is just so COOL. *flails* I have to take pictures. In the morning. Sleep first.
Tags: g33k tech, iphone, something's going to explode

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