Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

A Tale of Betrayal and Woe

Well, I made a mistake last night when I was packing for my trip today. As a veteran traveler, I really should have known better. But I'm human, and we are prone to errors in judgement. My error?

I touched my suitcase.

This is what it got me:

Actually, that picture doesn't do justice to the deep, bleeding-soul, guilt-inducing, angsty look I was treated to all of last night (and this morning) by my little brat. Whoever thinks cats are master manipulators should try and spend one evening with a dog that has its feelings hurt. Your heart will bleed for them... when you're trying not to bust a gut laughing, that is. Of course, like most dogs, Roxy conveniently forgets to hold a grudge whenever I return from a trip. Or maybe I'm mistaking her anger for happiness, and she really is trying to lick my face off as punishment for leaving.

But I digress.

Despite the canine opposition, I'm (almost) packed, and will be getting on an airplane this evening to join everyone else at Writercon for the weekend. I anticipate much fun will be had by all. For anyone who's attending, there will be a H/C panel on Saturday hosted by sholio, sgatazmy, and yours truly, so come check us out if it sounds like your thing.
Tags: doggies, travel, writercon

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