Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Fic Rec: 1980 by AlleatoryMadness

Fic Rec (Life on Mars, UK)

Word Count: 500

1980 by AlleatoryMadness (Life of Mars)

Summary: Look, Tyler died during a jewelry blag last year. I told him to wait for the Guv but he wouldn’t have it. Gave chase. Put his car in the river. Twonk. Never even found his body.

Why Recc'd: I saw this while cruising the Pit, and at a little more than 500 words the summary of this one made me stop and go "hell, why not?" I went in expecting soul crushing Gene angst. Instead... BWAH! XD Let's just say, Sam's outlook on the eighties crack me up. Also, the ending is a nice fun twist on canon.
Tags: fic rec

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