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First Round is On Me

Holy carp! Just when you think it's safe to poke your head back into the LJ blogosphere... the llamas go on parade! Well, I've vehemently vented my opinion on this subject in private, and other people far more eloquent than I have spoken up on the matter recently or in the past. So I'm jumping off of the parade float and heading due south, because what I really need is a good stiff drink. And hey, like the master Jimmy Buffet says, "It's five o'clock somewhere!"


Who's with me?

I'm heading over to the pool bar in a Fannish Virtual Tropical Setting. All are welcome to join, provided you have an appetite for mixed drinks and/or alcohol, and at least give some brief thought to joining my drinking game. Non-alcoholic smoothies will also be provided to those who wish to abstain, although the game does seem to work better with inhibitions lowered. Hell, you don't even need to be a member of SGA fandom, or know what I'm talking about, come on over! As I said in the subject line, drinks are on me.

Grey's Fandom Drinking Game

The Rules

  • To put everyone on even footing, first take a shot.
  • If you feel angry about something that someone, somewhere, in the vastness of internet fandom has done, said, tweeted, or any verb-of-choice: take another shot.
    • Then give me a high five!
  • If you are still feeling far too annoyed to give me a high five (hey, it's cool, I can dig it), take another shot.
    • Do you still feel angry?
  • Repeat previous step until you have no other desire than to give me a high five, murder classic eighties rock with me on Rock Band, and in general have regained something akin to "that loving feeling".
    • Possibly because that song is next on our Rock Band tour.
  • Everybody wins! Well, everyone except my liver. But it was toast anyway.

Simple enough? Huzzah!

Not the shooter type? That's all right! I've got a cure for what ails ya, straight from the greyias family vault of alcoholic concoctions.

greyias Super Sekrit Margarita Family Recipe

Mix well. This particular recipe tastes best frozen, made using a Margaritaville Margarita Machine. Mostly because it crushes, measures, and mixes all of my drinks without any calculations on my part. Which is rather handy as the night goes on.

I know I'll see some of you at the bar. Cheers!
Tags: abuse of the bullet point, drama llama, drinking games, lounging at the fandom pool bar, wasting away in margaritaville
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