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I got J-Crawford'ed!

All right, so someone IMs me out of the blue on YM. I look to see what account it's on, and lo and behold, it's the one that a few years ago on a night where I had way too much tequila I made a dating profile. As I said, too much tequila. Anyway, so I assume it's some creepy guy who wants cyb0rz, but no, the conversation doesn't go that way:

[15:20] crawfordjeremy702000: hello.
[15:20] moi: 'ello
[15:20] crawfordjeremy702000: hi.
[15:21] moi: sup?
[15:21] crawfordjeremy702000: nothing i was wondering if you write fanfiction.
[15:22] moi: Oh, that I do!
[15:22] moi: On a vast number of things
[15:22] crawfordjeremy702000: oh i was looking for someone to write a fic.
[15:22] moi: What kind of fic?
[15:23] crawfordjeremy702000: a short nc-17 fic of a film.
[15:23] moi: Ah, that's not my kind of thing, I'm purely gen
[15:23] crawfordjeremy702000: X-(

And then he said nothing else. I was very confused by this and googled his screen name... and then it finally clicked why that name was so familiar. It's the fanfic internet troll! I think he hit dr_dredd up a year or so ago for some steamy fic of something or another, like he does with everyone. After finding the jeremycrawford community, I got really sad. He's either grown up some, or my gentle refusal wasn't enough to set off his irate ranting.

Of course, had I known he was the famous internet troll at the time, I probably would've poked him with a stick (because it's fun... and he messed with Rebecca!). So it's probably for the best that our conversation ended there. Although it's really sad that I'm disappointed because I didn't get cussed out.

Ah well, what can ya do?

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