Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

SGA Reverse Mini Bang 2010

Oooops, it's been since the end of January since I've made a public post. My bad, everyone.

I've been wanting to do a pimp post for the Dreamwidth community/challenge, SGA Reverse Bang, in which the usual Big Bang formula is reserved. First, art, then fic! I'd seen this done for the Leverage fandom, and I was really excited to see someone take it up for SGA fandom as well. This first round is a "mini-bang" of sorts, as the minimum word count for the stories to be prompted from the art is only 5000 words long. So if you're looking for a summer challenge, you might want to consider this one.

The rules and dates are to be found at this post here.

For those interested in signing up to do art for this challenge, today is the last day. I've signed up for both, because I have a hard time resisting some challenges, and this one has bit my muse, what can I say?

SGA Reverse Bang

There's still plenty of time for author sign-ups, which close on May 30th. Authors will get to choose which piece of art to write a 5000 word (minimum) story to. With such a low word count, and such awesome artists producing art, how can you resist?

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