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Harmony - Episode Reaction

Last week's reaction/review wound up turning into a giant recap, which I have yet to finish. Heh. Apparently I had more to say and snark about than I realized. Now, I realize that a few people probably do not like this episode, I don't know why yet, because I thought I'd write down my own thoughts on the episode before reading anyone else's.

The beginning - Amused me, lightly, but there was amusement. I think most of the amusement came from the dialogue I was making up in my head to the looks that John and Rodney were tossing back and forth.

The child - Let's not mince words. This child was not meant to be anything but annoying to the point of wanting to smack her. It's the way she was written and played. They succeeded at it very well. Sadly, she also reminds me a lot of my little sister and how she used to act (and still does sometimes). Mostly with the back and forth; being horrible to Rodney, then sweet angel to John (who unlike my parents, didn't seem fooled for the most part by the act. Go John!) And with all that said, she still cracked me up. I'm sorry, but a tiny little girl hitting on and proposing to John is almost nearly as funny as an eighty year old woman doing it. I also find it very amusing that he can hug tiny children better than his own teammates. I <3 our socially inept pilot and his equally socially inept sidekick.

The ambush - Hee! Rodney pretending to consider giving up the child made me snicker, but what made me go "Aww" was the absolute frantic worry he got over the radio when John wouldn't reply. Oh, and the name thing, I officially want to simultaneously hug and smack the writers. Yay for Rodney finally calling him John outside of women infected with nanites, but argh, because this makes it so much harder to figure out what to use when and where. Maybe I'll make a few name analysis posts for anyone as obsessed with the name thing as me. Oh, and the look on John's face as he comes out of the brush, all business -- ah, Soldier!John, almost enough to sway me from the Snark Side. Well, okay, that's a lie. But it's a fantastic look that conveys so much, especially since he doesn't go back to normal John mode until he has to defend "taking his time" to Rodney. Heh, snark 4tw.

The mini-drones - Did someone write a fic with those? Either way, very cool, and something to add to the arsenal of knowledge and weapons. They also mentioned they've been looking for it for two years. Might make some interesting fic fodder of their failed attempts.

The painting - I think I accidentally read one post on SGAHC where someone hated it, but um, obviously, I adored it. I cracked up so loud I had to rewind to hear what Rodney was saying. "Yeah, that's basically how I remember it." Oh, Rodney. I think the painting went to prove that Harmony is a mini-Rodney through and through, because I could totally see him commissioning that kind of thing if he were in that position (well, and thirteen years old). Poor John. I can see him getting Rodney back for the snide comment though. Which, of course, is fine with me, because it would be hilarious.

I enjoyed the episode as a whole. John and Rodney, if you haven't noticed by now, are my favorite characters, and I think this is the first episode really since "The Defiant One", where we've had a nice solo John and Rodney adventure. (I don't count "Trinity", because that was all about tearing the friendship apart, which, IMO, should have waited until later in the second season, or third, but whatev.) I love all the characters on the show, but any time I can get more interaction between these two, I'll greedily lap it up. It's pathetic, I know, but hey, we all have our faults ;)

So, I guess that wasn't very thoughtful or eloquent. But I managed to actually finish writing it out before a whole week had passed.

Next week, my personal fanon gets Joss'd as we meet the Sheppard family, and I have to find a way to salvage the AU story/series I've been working on to keep it as close to canon. Oh, the joys of fan fiction.
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