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Hilarity on John Watson's Blog

I finished off the rest of Sherlock series one earlier this week, and am currently trying to keep myself from getting sucked into another fandom, especially when I barely have enough time to comment on other people's posts, much less make my own on a consistent basis (I'm currently typing this up on my iPad's note app, because I can come back to it much easier than a LJ post.)

I digress.

Anyway, I'm currently trying, and judging by how quickly I snapped up free collections of Holmsian stories on iBooks, failing miserably to keep myself from falling too hard for a show that only has THREE episodes. Why must you tease me so, British television?

Reading John Watson's blog is not helping. (Note: This is one of the show's official sites, so there are spoilers in the posts, although thankfully John Watson does seem to know the value of a spoiler cut. Which is kind of amusing in itself. I suggest going there after watching the series, though.) 

Back foul temptress fandom, BACK I SAY!

I'm only up to the entry on "A Study in Pink", but it's already had me giggling. Partly because the comments are hilarious. Also, I think I love John's sister. This exchange in particular had me rolling:

of course if i was sherlock's colleague we would have solved the case much earlier. how could you not realise the suitcase would be pink?
theimprobableone 07 February 15:26

Who the hell are you!??! And what kind of name is that!?!
Harry Watson 07 February 15:30

i'm an expert on sherlock holmes. i understand him which is something someone like you would never do.
theimprobableone 07 February 15:32

At least I understand how to use CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!
Harry Watson 07 February 15:43

capital letters are just one of society's conventions that I choose to ignore. you've just been programmed to be one of society. you're a sheep.
theimprobableone 07 February 15:46

*Comment deleted*
Harry Watson 07 February 15:48

Language. Harry!
John Watson 07 February 15:50

Just... there are people trolling... on John Watson's blog. And either Harry is censoring herself, or John keeps deleting his sister's highly inappropriate comments XD (This is like the third or fourth time in the course of the blog. Harry's got quite the mouth!) And I can't stop myself from giggling.

Oh, and then Sherlock finds the post XD

John, I've only just found this post. I've glanced over it and honestly, words fail me. What I do is an exact science and should be treated as such. You've made the whole experience seem like some kind of romantic adventure. You should have focussed on my analytical reasoning and nothing more.
Sherlock Holmes 28 March 17:46

It's your turn to buy the milk, Sherlock.
John Watson 28 March 18:12


Um, yeah, I think I'm doomed.

ETA: Oh god, the next entry *can't breathe, lol'ing too hard*

Oh no, I think I'm going to have to find Sherlock icons now. Hurry! Send help before it's too late!
Tags: crack, lulz, sherlock, squee

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