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Your Quarterly Greyias Update

While I'm waiting on things to render here at work, I figured it was about time for my quarterly update. (Well, at least that seems how often I've been posting.) I think I last left off with a love for the Hawaii Five-0 remake, which I should add, continues to make me squeal like a little girl. It has such squeetastic team love, snark, action, and, most importantly, explosions -- how could I not love it? I'm not sure why I haven't ficced it yet, other than I seemed to have misplaced my writing brain over a year ago and am still looking for it. It's always in the last place you look, amirite?

Shortly after my last post o' flail, I was pulled in to work my company's annual meeting with our customers, and... work kind of didn't let go for the next few months. Luckily, I developed a severe kidney infection that sent me to the hospital, and I was finally able to get some rest.

Ho-ho! I'm totally not kidding!

Which begs the question, why are kidney infections not a staple of h/c fic? I mean, seriously. They're utterly debilitating, one minute you're fine, the next you can't take a few steps to the bathroom without assistance because Jesus Christ the pain! And if you're really lucky and get the serious kind where it gets into the bloodstream, you get to go the hospital!

So, um, yeah, I now know exactly how the stereotypical H/C action hero feels in the recovery room, cursing their catheter to hell (torture devices is what they are, torture devices), and wanting to make a break for it the moment the nurses's back is turned. I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for those damn IVs and their meddling catheter!)

Although in all seriousness1, it was a little dicey there for a while. It turns out the infection came about because I have not kidney stones, but kidney boulders blocking my kidneys from draining. Seriously, I saw an x-ray of them the other day, and they're massive. The biggest one is over an inch in diameter, and the other two I could make out was about half that size. So after a little minor surgery2, my kidneys are draining once more, and right about the time I was going to declare war on that evil catheter, they finally released me to go home.

Then I got puppy. Which had actually been the big plan for December before my kidneys decided to have a hissy fit. Word to the wise? Puppies + recovery from health issues = bad mix. The past few weeks have been a little challenging, as it's hard to potty train a puppy when the hydrocodone keeps knocking you out. But, pictures have been requested, so pictures I shall share!:

Her name is Meeka, and she's an Alaskan Klee Kai, which is, as the pictures show, essentially a mini-Alaskan Husky. And yes, she is just as adorable as those pictures make her out to be. She is an incredibly vocal dog, which is cute most of the time when she "talks" -- not as cute when it's three in the morning and she starts crying for some reason. We're also working on that.

My latest theory is that her big sister Roxy is teasing her for being locked up in a pen while she gets to roam free. I have no proof to back this up. But it's more fun than saying the dog is a brat. Which she is.

So, while Meeka continues to pee on my carpet settle in, I'll be heading back to the hospital week after next for a few more rounds in the OR as they take out the stones, one kidney at a time. Since I anticipate being hospital bound for at least four days, I ask this of my dear flist:

Any reccomendations so I don't go out of my head with boredom? Games (iOS compatible, sadly), movies, books, fics? I'm hoping to "pack" my Kindle and iPad before I leave so I have plenty to do this time around. So far on my list I have the Benjamin January series and the rest of a book I accidentally put down in 2008 and forgot to finish.

1 - Also in all seriousness, I'd like to extend a special thanks to mumumugen, trystings, and auragirl for their support and well-wishes during that time. I ♥ you guys! Especially you sis, for getting a Facebook account purely to see how I was doing. ♥♥♥

2 - I'd also like to apologize to anyone on Twitter. I've got no idea if I said much of anything while on the lovely pain meds, but knowing me, if I did, it was possibly a little weird.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season (for those who have holidays at this time of year that is), and I'm thinking possibly my New Year's Resolution this time will be to post more, even if it's utterly inane. I miss you guys! ♥
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