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Glowing Superpowers and that character meme that's been going around

So I've got a long morning ahead of me, as I'm having a few tests performed before I get to have yet another *drumroll* surgery, yes! I get to drink some delicious radioactive fluid (ETA: Just kidding! It was an injection. Now blood is all glowy!) to see which of my parathyroids is acting naughty and giving me kidney stones. If I start to glow or develop any strange or cool superpowers, I'll make sure to let you guys know. Maybe with pics of my glowy heroic deeds.

So, since I feel like I haven't been very talkative of late, I thought I'd ease back in with something more simple.

So there's been this meme going around in a few spots on my f-list, and darn it if I didn't start thinking of answers for certain characters myself. So, if a meme is your thing...

Name a character I've written about, and I will tell you three things that I think are essential to keep in mind when writing that character.

Occasionally I'll have issues with writing a character on it's own, and I've found that sometimes if I keep his/her interactions with another character in mind, it helps break through the block. I've dubbed this a touchstone character in my mind, although darned if I know if there's a real term for this. If the character you name is one of the lucky ones, I'll throw in a fourth answer, in how I see their relationship, and what I think it brings out in the named character, and why I think it's so important.

Just about any character or fandom that I've either written or role-played is fair game. I know a lot of you aren't familiar with my RP fandoms, but the big ones were Dragonball Z/GT, Megaman X (Zero mostly), and some of the older Final Fantasy games (6-8).
Tags: character, kidneyventure hooo!, meme, radioactive grey, writing
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