Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

It's Fri-i-day

I know I still owe two of you an answer on the meme (Sorry! The reasons why are for another post altogether), but I couldn't not share this. Why? Because it's Friday, and I want to go home, damn it.

I had to pause at least three times, because there's only so much inanity that I can take. But eventually, I made it through. For those of you haven't had the... pleasure, I've embedded the video for you. Because I'm a sharing person like that.

So... did you guys realize... that it's... Friday?

However, I disagree with the internet at large, and still maintain that this is the worst song I've ever been subjected to.

On an unrelated note? WTF?
Tags: friday friday gettin down on friday, omgwtfbbq, then comes saturday and sunday, which seat can i take?, yesterday was thursday

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