Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Chaos - 1x01

Oh lord, this show! The three established agents are insane, delightfully so, and I'm a little surprised at how amused I am at their antics. Of course, part of my "zomgsquee!" comes from the fact that two of the main cast played favorite characters on other shows.

There is, of course, Eric Close, last seen squeezing my little fangirl heart as Vin Tanner on Magnificent Seven (for quite an impressive number of years!) I know he was on Without A Trace, but I could never get into the show other than the casual viewing. And number two would be James Murray, last seen being forced to perform increasingly bizarre and nonsensical scripts as Stephen* in Primeval. A show that I couldn't force myself to stop watching, up until it broke my brain with a giant crocodile not devouring the cast of idiots because they treated it like an Egyptian god.

* - aelfgyfu_mead, I nearly texted/PMed you going "OMG! Stephen is on CBS RIGHT NOW!", but I resisted. Aren't you proud?

I think part of the fun of this show is how adorkably naive the main character is (with his occasional Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badass peeking out), contrasted with the CIA versions of Huey, Dewey, and Louie taking full advantage of that.

"Sometimes we can be right bastards." Yes, yes you can. And it makes me lawl. XD

I will gladly add a season pass of this show to my TiVo, with the hopes that it will make me laugh heartily. (I suspect the warm team fuzzies that I'm currently enjoying on Hawaii Five-0 will come later down the line, but I'll gladly take laughs in the meanwhile). So, did anyone else catch the pilot tonight? Enjoy it? Get more than a teensy crush on Chaos!JamesBond--I mean Billy?
Tags: chaos, crouching tiger hidden badass
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April 2 2011, 02:37:13 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 2 2011, 02:37:47 UTC

I was watching something last night and an ad for this show came on, which gave no clue as to what the series was about, being nothing but 4 possibly-hot guys in suits and shades standing before a white background.

...sadly, just that much was enough to intrigue me ^^;
The promos were definitely... intriguing. Eric Close being in it was the icing on the cake.

Have you watched the pilot yet? :D
I have be honest I pretty much never start watching shows at their pilots, unless I have a previous reason to be interested; I usually wait until there's at least half a season to see...gets too frustrating to get into something that only gets canceled! :P
...I, on the other hand, will *goes off to go d/l* and then if it's good, once there's at least half a season, I bug her into watching it...^_-
Woohoo! \o/ Hopefully you'll enjoy! I was having a bit too much fun with it last night, so hopefully it holds up for others as well.
Heee, oh no, I'm with you, that was rather ridiculously fun! And it has a LOT of potential for both hilarity and fun team cuteness! ^_^ And lots of fun pretty boys, some with pretty accents, for that extra added shallow goodness! I look forward to more! ^__^
Yay, you liked it! :D it is totally shallow fun, but then, isn't that the best kind? Especially if the team keeps showing up at the end of each others dates. "Oh, hello there! Don't mind us."

It's channeling Bond a little much, but I do enjoy Billy's accent.
I understand that. It depends on the show, but sometimes I prefer to wait until there's a substantial amount to watch. But I really hope this one sticks around for a while! All of the cast seems to have good chemistry, and it does a good job of balancing out the drama with the comedy. And it makes me laugh, and there can never be too many shows that do that, IMO.

It's a mid-season replacement, so you may want to wait until the season ends so you have a few eps to watch.


April 2 2011, 14:11:58 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  April 2 2011, 14:12:32 UTC

Not seen it - but then, I'm in the UK, so no big surprise there!! Will add it to my ever growing list of US shows I want to watch online sometime! (Or tape and watch should they turn up on a UK channel - and I notice, of course!)

I watched one episode of Without A Trace - can you guess which one? It had a guest star in it who was of interest to me *points to icon for rather large hint*. It seemed okay, but didn't grab me - other than to squee over the guest star!!! *g*
When you find it, I can at least recommend the pilot as good viewing. Oh! And I put Outsiders on my viewing list, although I haven't had a chance to check it out.

I actually haven't seen the DH episode of Without a Trace, despite the fact that my TiVo was kind enough to record it for me. (Oops). I did see the episode that was a mini M7 reunion, with Buck guest starring. Although disappointingly he and Eric Close weren't in any scenes together.
I'll definitely give it a go if I can find it!!

I really enjoyed most of the Outcasts episodes and would like another season, but as the ratings weren't good in the UK, I'm not sure if there will be. Maybe if it does better in the US? Guess I'll have to wait and see!

Oh, fancy doing an episode of Without A Trace and not having Buck and Vin - erm, well, the actors - in the same scene! That'd be like David Hewlett being a lead in a show and Joe Flanigan guest starring but never meeting up on screen!! Very frustrating and disappointing!

Still, David was great in his ep, though he's not in it a lot.
If there was a show or movie that had both the Flan and Hewlett without them sharing a scene, I think all of fandom would cry out at once.

Oh, that's disappointing that it didn't do so well ratings wise. But you're right, it could always perform really well on BBCA.
Both boys you mention were beautiful, but I didn't enjoy it as much as you did. I didn't find it particularly funny (with a couple of exceptions) but that might be more because my sense of humor runs along the lines of Chandler Perry than Lucille Ball. :)
They're definitely not bad to look at, I won't lie!

It's possible some of my enjoyment was due to the Sidekick Reunion part. (I really wasn't expecting to see James Murray, so that was an especially nice treat.)