Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Tiny "Outcast" Fic

I must be bored this morning...

Inspired by a short clip from "Outcast" found via wraithfodder  Very short at less than three hundred words. Something small and humorous, and very likely to be AU come Friday night.

"Take her to the car."

John tossed Ronon his set of keys, knowing that there was something he wasn't quite remembering about their situation. However, Dave was bearing down on them, and from the look on his brother's face, John knew that the following conversation wasn't going to be pleasant. The Satedan caught the keys easily, never breaking his stride, and continued to lead Ava Dixon and her talk of human-engineered Replicators away from the wake.

By the time John managed to get away from Dave, by some miracle without punching his brother, he had forgotten that he'd already given the Ronon the keys. He started fishing into his pockets when something that might have once been his rental car pulled up in front of him.

The rear bumper was hanging on by a thread, and would probably fall off the moment they went over the first speed bump. The front grill was in a similar state, crumpled inward to the point where the hood couldn't quite shut. Ava sat in the back seat, wide-eyed and silent.

That's what he'd forgotten. He'd given the keys to Ronon, who apparently could turn the driveway to his childhood home into a roadside derby.

Ronon grinned at him proudly from the driver's seat. "Figured out how to work this thing!"

"I told you to take her to the car."

"And then I brought the car here, thought I'd save us some time."

John rubbed his temples, a headache already forming. Between ex-wives, pompous brothers, Replicators, Ronon, and rental cars he was going to need a whole bottle of aspirin before this day was through.

EDIT: Updated to reflect facts from the episode. Oh, Graham David Sheppard. One day you and I will reconcile our differences.
Tags: no ffnet, sga:fanfic

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