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Why hello thar, Dr. Keller! Where have you been all season? (Trio Episode Reaction)

Okay, is it shallow of me to have paused my Tivo and said "Yeah, I'm gonna make an icon out of that"?

Now, in the spirit of honesty, I really didn't expect much. This was an episode featuring two of my least favorite characters on SGA (not saying that I hate them, I'm just not squee'ing to death over Sam and Keller), paired with my favorite character. I knew Rodney would be entertaining, because if nothing else I just love the way David H. plays the character. However since I didn't expect much, I was pleasantly surprised (like I was hoping I would be. They cannot all be "The Tower" and "The Long Goodbye", which to this day, I've seen all of once).

Honestly, I think this is the very first episode where we've (re: me) have gotten a really good grasp on who Keller is. "Quarantine" didn't impress me altogether too much, probably because she and Ronon... didn't really play that well off each other, again, my opinion. I've been rather 'meh' about the character this whole season, but I have to say I rather enjoyed her in this episode. I think part of it is that she hasn't been paired with a Pegasus native, who have too different of past. Both Ronon and Teyla's past are very tragic, and they've suffered so much. It's kind of unfair to pair Keller up with them, IMO, because by comparison her experiences in life won't ever be able to compare. And it winds up making her look like a brat, which is unfair to the character. Something I wish the writers had been aware of. In "Missing" we at least saw her grow, however in "Quarantine" it was--too in your face? I think part of the problem in that episode was pacing and order. You don't follow up "I'm a victim of genocide" with "High school sucked for me, Don." (oops, wrong show).

However, comparing like with like works in the case of "Trio". I think that Keller's character connects with both Sam and Rodney a lot easier and more believable with Ronon and Teyla. As Rodney says in one scene "We're all geniuses". They all have a shared level of intellect, and now I'm not too confident on Sam's background, but I know for Rodney it hasn't been an easy time for him growing up either. So I think the characters are naturally more comfortable with each other (Rodney even joins in on the girly "Who would you rather...?", hee!). I was honestly shocked to the core, from what I've seen of the character so far, to learn that she's ever set foot in a bar, much less enough to know a bar trick.

Oh, look at that! Characterization! I just learned something about a character without forced romance and stilted dialogue. Er, I mean, from the situation and the teamwork they're forced into, we get a far better picture of who Jennifer Keller is than all of the heavy-handed back stories ever could give us.

(Who wrote this episode again? They get a cookie.)

Now, moving along to Sam. Again, in the spirit of honesty, in the past I've referred to her as "Mary Sam". I like my heroes and heroines to succeed, but for them to appear perfect on screen grates on me a little. I did not enjoy Sam in seasons 7, 8, and 10 of SG-1 (I liked her in 9, it was a fluke), mostly because I felt they had shoved an interpretation of the character down my throat. "OMGLIKESAMSHE'SSOCOOL!"  We haven't seen much of her this season, which I know has bothered some people, but I just shrug, because I was never bothered when General Hammond didn't show up in an episode or wasn't referenced. But I digress.

I love Sam with Rodney, at least on SGA. She loses that "perfect" edge when she has to interact with him over an extended period of time. They play off each other like two brilliant people with opposite personalties would. They bicker, they play a little bit of one-up-manship, but then they suddenly just click and start thinking as one. It's an absolute joy to see on screen, and is one reason why Rodney and Zelenka are so fun to watch. And honestly, this interpretation of Sam was one I enjoyed. If Weir had been in this episode in Sam's place, this episode wouldn't have worked at all. Sam is a soldier, I think, first and foremost, like John. She may give Rodney a hard time about telling her to do the heavy lifting, but she does it, because she's trained for it.

Interestingly enough, though, Sam tries to let Rodney shine. She lets him try to 'be the man' of the group and try to throw the grappling hook, despite being horrible at it. She only takes over when it's obvious that he can't do it and when he ruptures a gas line and nearly incinerates himself. She clearly didn't want to let him do it, she wanted to take charge, but she seemed to realize that letting him try was important. Which, again to me in a few seconds than what two and half years of SG-1 was telling me to believe about her.

Rodney was Rodney, as always, which makes me just squee in delight. Honestly, even though I enjoyed the episode as is, I would have still wished for more of the team there. It seems like next week it's the Ronon show, which he deserves. I just can't help but feel like the whole episode is a set-up for one of those stupid fanboy questions. "If Ronon and Teal'c were to rumble, which one would emerge victorious?" It's like asking who would win in a fight between Batman and Captain America. (It would be Batman, all the way. I have a comic hidden somewhere in my closet to back that up.)

By the way, Joe Mallozzi, I was hoping that the "hint about Sam's love life" would have turned out how it did. Sam would prefer George Clooney over Brad Pitt. Perfect! I'm cackling in anticipation to the shipper outrage that's going to invade his blog tonight. Aww, poor Joe M. You brought this on yourself. However, please use the power of the snark on them. It amuseth me.

Okay, this has been a little more thinky than my usual episode reactions, but c'mon, I'm being converted kicking and screaming to liking two characters who I've never cared for one way or the other.

Well, it's back to trying to finish up this crack fic I've been working on since last night. Maybe when I've exorcised the devil I can get to work on my ficathon story.
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