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I fail at McKay-sitting

Was looking for some hi-res images since my (and I'm sure everyone else's) favorite SGA photo site bit the bullet a few months back, So I was poking around on the MGM site, and noticed their little flash games. They're like Chip's Challenge for the Stargate Geek (or this week's is). I totally missed out on the first three (assuming they didn't start this just last week), although I'm wondering if they were nearly this, erm, difficult. Since it's lightly episode based (in this week's case, "Doppelganger"), my 'job' is to protect McKay and cure Sheppard of his evil-grin sporting Doppelganger. Unfortuantely, I suck at strategy-based games, so I keep getting the "game over" screen,
which is a still of McKay flat-lining.

Needless to say, I'm quite frustrated (but not giving up!), and thoroughly amused at the same time.

Oh, and on a completely different train of thought, I saw Dale Midkiff's name last night on CSI: Miami, and eagerly awaited seeing what ol' Buck was up to in the Sunshine State. Then I either missed him, or totally didn't recognize him. Sad. There went my whole M7!Squee post.

Back to not killing McKay in-game.

ETA: There's more than one level. The crack-type addiction of this has increased, and I really want the tiny caricatures as a lj-icon now...
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