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Kindred Reactions

It appears that the theory aelfgyfu_mead and I came up with will have to wait until next week to be put to the test. This did not come as a big surprise, as SciFi is a big spoiling spolier channel that spoils.

It's all right, though, I have faith that our theory will hold up, sound and true.

Aside from that, a very solid episode IMO (despite that I had to wait two hours to see the second half because of certain people showing up unannounced and not realizing the holy importance that is me finishing my weekly quota of Stargate Atlantis.) Mi madre and I were sort of rolling our eyes during the scenes with Teyla's "visions". Thankfully the writers had enough respect for us to not have Kanaan's dream pendant appear in her hand after waking up. I would have so called shenanigans on that.  (On a similar note, is his name spelled with one or two names? It's the whole Ronan/Ronon thing all over again!) Other than the dream sequences which just made me squirm uncomfortably (not sure why, to be honest), Teyla kicked some serious ass.

Let's see, do I still love Todd? Hrm, yes, yes I do. Put a check mark there.

Do I love still love Michael? Well, not sure on that one. He's got a big creep factor going on, moreso this episode than "Vengeance", partly because he's got the whole "Teyla, we're meant to beeeeeee together, here's some raw meat as a token of my love!" thing going on. What the hell do you call that ship anyway? Teyceal? Myla? Sounds like I'm choking on food either way. Oh well, portmanteau names annoy me anyway.

Did I drool over Michael? (Yes, it is a separate question). That was a unequivocal resounding YES. Damn Connor Trineer, maybe it was the eerie blue lighting, or the fact that half your face isn't covered in prosthetics, but to quote another episode of SGA:

"Wow! She's hot! I mean, seriously hot!"
"Rodney, you're drooling over a Wraith!"
"I know -- I disgust myself sometimes.

Sorry, /gratuitous "Aurora" references.

And then of course, there was the squee that was team bonding this episode. Ronon's proud grin that he "one-upped" McKay on the way to Township Bazaar cracked my mother up so much that she asked for him for Christmas. (Something I plan on totally getting her, because srsly, pewter statue or action figure.) Rodney's gift to Teyla was adorable, and I was surprised he did such a nice wrapping job on it. That, or he possibly got one of his lab monkeys to do it for him.

Oh, right, the big "surprise". Loved the expressions on everyone's faces (and Carson's casual "What took you so long?" indignation, followed by the look of "Um, why do you all look like you've seen a ghost? ...guys?")

My final thought of the night isn't necessarily episode-related, just slightly ranty. Okay, I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the SciFi promos. I mean, it's one thing to throw episode spoilers at us like there's no tomorrow. It's another to just be stupid. I just about threw my remote at the TV the other week when they said that Ronon needed to "pass a Stargate exam".

Rly? Stargate Exam? Is it multiple choice, on scantron? Y/Y? Was the worry that he would forget a #2 pencil? Or did that IOA bastard make it fill-in-the-blank without providing a word bank? Because those suck so much more than the pure essay exams. Forget the Teal'c-Ronon Ultimate Smackdown or the whole invasion of Earth thing, Ronon better pass his midterm!

Next up is for this week's. Something something something "...or is it a replicator plot?" *Teyla gets scooped up by a dart* *Five seconds later the entire US is spoiled for the last five minutes of the episode*.

For the love of god, who is writing their copy? I mean, sure, someone who doesn't watch the show every week might not realize that the Replicators don't have darts, or you know, the fact that they've been wiped from existence (except for RepliWeir and her Leather Jacket of Deceit). But what about that poor viewer who didn't realize this, and got really excited about Teyla being trapped in that Replicator plot? Don't they feel lied to?

Of course, next week we worry that Carson is a Replicator. And despite there being some actual credence in that being a concern plot-wise, I've just been burned too many times to get excited. I mean, I was hoping Teyla and Oberoth were going to have a scathing conversation about how he abducted her people and turned them into mindless Replicator-human hybrids. Oh wait, we just did that.

Can't wait to see what those crazy Replicators have cooked up for "Last Man" though. I can see it now. "Next week on Stargate Atlantis <insert the whole plot summary here>. Will Atlantis survive, or will it be destroyed by Replicators? Duhn duhn duhhhh!" All right, I'll stop now.
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