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aelfgyfu_mead made the mistake of using a Haiku Generator... an EVIL haiku generator that makes me sound like I am not the genficcer that I am.

We start off rather innocent:

feeling though sheppard
is going to take him to
ask her about it

Then it starts to... suggest things:

i guess that wasn't
pleasant besides team sheppard
came early

john had found himself
taking a good two to three
minutes is enough

Then it gets... disturbing:

got it stuck in that
time he remarked softly
she smiled at him

(May I say... OW?)

carson did not look
at but he can hug the
tiny children better

(Um... whoa?)

down on his bed and
was lightly resting over
rodney called out


by the act go john
said and started to pull out
the painful moan that

(That... that...?)

My words... they feel so dirty.
Tags: meme

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