Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Pictoral Worst Fears (and more Kindred II thoughts)

First up, for a little humor, is a picture I took at lunch on Friday. Sad thing was my first thought, "Rodney would freak!"

The lemon that ate my tea

And here's one I took  about two weeks ago. It's an inside joke.


And now that I've had some time to sleep on it, here are some more Kindred II thoughts:

I probably should have prefaced my last post with that I am happy they've brought Carson back. This guy is, like Rodney (and I think Leesa) said, Carson "in every way that counts".

A caveat: The only thing I'm a little disgruntled about is they made such a big deal in "This Mortal Coil" about what it is to be human, and self, and that the knowledge that you're a copy, a duplicate changes who you are. It marks you. So in that way, means we did not get the same Carson back, and that is what I'm upset about. We have Carson back (yay!), but at the same time, we have a new character, not a return of an old one. And that we were promised our Carson back, I think that's probably what gives me that feeling.

But I love Carson, and to be confusing, this Carson is Carson. He just so happens to be a Carson that did not participate in the events of Season 3. He's probably got a multitude of emotions to sort out, starting off with, if/when he comes out of stasis, he is very much stranded in the Pegasus. He'll never get to see his mother or the rest of his family, which is so sad, because I think of all the SGA characters, Carson has the closest ties to home.

And there's still so much that happened in this episode that I haven't addressed (Teyla refusing rescue; that horrible horrible scene with Michael injecting something into the baby, something that greatly disturbed my mother; Ronon and John trying to distance themselves from Carson; etc, etc etc). I think I'll have to try and address it in comments on other posts.

(And I refuse to give into the Rodney whump bunny that wants to try and whumpify that warehouse scene, and thus steal spotlight from poor Carson and Teyla. Go to bed bunny, it's not happening!) Srsly, no. Bad bunny. Not gonna happen. I mean it.
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