Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

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I have finally crossed off one of the many things on my to-do list?

What might that be you ask? Finish the rough draft on my sga_genficathon story? No, sad, but true. Settle on a prompt and outline my sgabigbang story? Alas, also wrong. Finish one of my 9,083,821,940,284 WIPs? Incorrect again.

I've finally, after a year of angst and pouting have...

...updated my SGA website.

Yes, now a majority of my stories are finally backed up, in case LJ takes it's new dislike for fanfic to the next level. (Hrm, maybe I ought to do a full backup just in case... nah!)

Now, back to those 8,000+ lingering words... *le sigh*

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