Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

"Travelers" First Impressions

Not... bad.

Not nearly as bad as I thought, although there may have been cheering at my house when the wraith began feeding on Larrin. Something about "abusive kidnappers getting what they deserve". Huh. Guess I'm not much of a Shep whumper, or maybe not much of one when Shep might could fight back, but won't because it's a woman...

However I must say Larrin's a much different character than the one I was envisioning. (In fact, I got so bored over the summer I started a very alternate version of the episode. Let's just say, I didn't see much redeeming value in her at the time).

I was kind of hoping for more of a Genii-like bad guy, one in which there are no relations but bad relations for a while. And while I'm very proud that John's negotiation skills have improved ("C-4 for coffee? Why sure!"), it seems like it came a little soon. The double entendres were not as bad as the clips led me to believe, however that's what the producers GET for trying to set us up for an episode of not-quite love interests. Not that there's anything wrong with love interests, but it usually seems fairly forced with the leads on the Stargate series (with the exception of Daniel and Carson). Still, I'm feeling a little cheated with the whole "We've got new bad guys!!elventy11!" bit, and then... we've got uncomfortable allies within one episode.

W. T. F. Joe Mallozzi?

Also, on the same vein of Sheppard getting himself out of trouble, yes it's nice when they rescue themselves, but this episode it might've served a little better, and you know, helped draw out the tension, if a rescue attempt had been attempted. You know, that and give everyone else something to do other than wring their hands and worry. I mean, yay we got Lorne! But still, can't we have the rescue attempt start, get in trouble on the ship, and Shep has to save the day, thus rescuing himself yet giving everyone else something to do?

But I digress.

Other than my dislike of Larrin (because you know, she's a villain, or should be), and the somewhat cop-out ending, it was a fairly good episode. I rather enjoyed that John's been hanging around Rodney long enough, to be able to do "simple" repairs on a command chair and manipulate the systems of an entire Ancient warship. He was impressive in this one, and I've got to give him props for that. Maybe I'll pick up something else on a second showing.

Maybe Ancient curtains?

Next week's ep looks awesome! Looks like we're going to get some interesting scenes between... well, three of the team members. I was going to say something profound and snippy, but then I realized I had absolutely no argument, so I shall instead go find the new flash game and start making more screen caps.
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