Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Nanowrimo Ahoy!

All right... I've officially signed up for Nanowrimo this year, but is it bad that I totally don't plan on following the rules and want to finish the thing I started two years ago for this same thing? (And perhaps a Christmas fic that I promised my other brand new shiny fandom?)

..okay, yeah, it is bad.

More editing on the horizon this afternoon, with a 60% chance of fic posting this evening. Hopefully the bunnies, as evil as they are, will stay with me for a little while longer. Has anyone else played the ridiculously hard flash game this week? I shall continue to cap them, out of pure... geekiness I suppose. It might be my imagination, but mini-Shep doesn't look quite so evil this week.

See! On the left we have the "Doppelganger" Sheppard, in his oversized, glowy glory (except I took out all of the glow and patched him from together from various levels). On our right we have ManWhore!Shep--I mean, normal mini-Shep. Notice how he is not freakishly tall, he's holding a cute little P-90, and while the expression is almost an exact mirror... it doesn't make me want to go hide under the bed.

Oh, and if anyone wants 'em, feel free to snatch. I've got the original PSD files on my computer, and I really hope I don't wind up making a flash animation thing one day with my stolen pilfered "acquired" sprites. I've still got those screen caps from the video version of "Fowl Encounter" that I've done nothing with.
Tags: sga

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