Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

More Photoshop procrastinaton tactics

I really need to be writing... but I can't help but keep messing with this picture. Sadly, I've got two or three other sketches of ones I want to try, but can't seem to tear myself away from this one. But I've stared at it for hours on end, so I'm sharing with the world.

The wallpaper looks more to me like a movie poster, but I definitely wasn't going for that in the beginning. Must be the dramatic poses. Yes, that's it. I originally had ghostly water molecules instead of just the formula, but they looked like Mickey Mouse, so I yanked them back out. Hrm.

I'm actually fairly satisfied with this one and have stopped working with it. Now if I could only do the same for the wallpaper.

I, er, may have also made a new icon out of the same elements. Maybe...
Tags: fanart, sga, sga:au

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