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Camping, Geekiness, Big Bang... and Pancakes

Well, I'm heading off into the woods this weekend, as one of my friends made the horrible mistake of inviting me camping, then insisting I come because I'm such a cool person. No, really, they said that. I know it's a lie, but it strokes my ego so.

I mean, I generally have a strong will and can resist peer pressure -- right up until someone says "Come onnnnn". Exhibit A.

(I briefly thought about tracking down the actual posts where I was encouraged and then capitulated... but I'm not that bored)

So I'm bringing some essentials, including a notebook and digital voice recorder in case inspiration strikes me out in the middle of nowhere. Far more likely I'll be rushing home tomorrow night and hug and kiss my laptop and promise to never leave it again. I'd kiss the intarweb too, but if I have any sort of cell reception I'll probably be able to check my e-mail. I'd have a real problem if I was a technophobe.

I'm not though, as I'm seriously considering buying this, and getting a sim card from here so I can dual have cell phoning action without constantly swapping out my sim card between phones. No, that's not the height of dorkiness at all. (What I'm currently wearing around my neck is.)

Now, since I've turned in all my stuff for sgabigbang : 

Now... I know 3% seems like shockingly little... but think about it, I've passed the 1/39th marker. I've also spent a long time painfully researching the coolest bike1 to give John, and I gave Rodney an even cooler car. (And I might have been lying about one of those). I swear I haven't been procrastinating at all. I also swear that the cars/bikes have an actual purpose, just like my quest for pictures of Rodney in glasses. Actually, I think I'm going to employ some tactics I used during Nanowrimo to up my word count and focus a little more... starting next week.

1 - Actually, the coolest bike on the planet is this one, but I don't think he can afford the $500K price tag, alas.

And for leesa_perrie, who I intrigued with my talk of emo pancakes, I present: Stargatecake Atlantis.

A long time ago (two weeks ago), a mysterious blogger (greyias) pulled out a frying pan after being given access to pancake-in-a-can. Unfortunately, the anonymous blogger (greyias) was bored. Very bored. Unfortunately, that's how most bad ideas start. So she decided to make a Stargate.

Then after drawing a circle in said frying pan, she was still bored. So she decided to try something a little more complex:

It didn't go as planned. But our heroic blogger was not to be discouraged, so she tried again:

And yey, it was good. Then she decided to draw a smiley face, because she was happy:

Unfortunately she never was that good at drawing, and it became a very disgruntled pancake. So she dubbed it Rodney-cake. She decided that he needed a friend, especially since all of those normal pancakes on the plate were jealous of Rodney-cake's freedom of expression.

Thus, Shepcake was born:

Like his namecake namesake, Shepcake was a notorious flirt. Also, unfortunately like his namesake, Shepcake also had trouble with authority, namely the spatula trying to flip him so he would not get burn. He didn't take kindly to someone trying to push him or Rodney-cake around, and tried to make a break for it. So
greyias our mysterious blogger ate his eye as punishment.

Rodney-cake was horrified.

Ronon-cake was angry.

(Teyla-cake could not make an appearance due to maternity leave issues...)

And then the frying pan was getting rather hot and the steam was starting to burn certain people's arms, so our mysterious blogger
[info]greyias no one really decided to stop making up pancake epics, and let our team take a puddle jumper through the Stargate she neglected to take a picture of.

...and now I'm going to go disappear into the woods for a few days so everyone can conveniently forget I posted this.


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