Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Genficathon Revealed!

Ah, April has been such a great month due to the backbreaking efforts of [info]friendshipper, whose hard work has brought us all of the wonderful stories for the first, maybe (hope hope hope) annual [info]sga_genficathon. Not only did she run the comm, post the stories, and ride herd on the authors, but she wound up writing four very awesome stories, one of which has me itching to write a western AU.

(I'm talking about The Great Pegasus Train Robbery, by the by. Go, read, enjoy.)

I wound up writing two myself, both in the humor genre. You're all shocked, I know.

Into the Woods - Which really should be titled "The Ransom of Rodney McKay". I did not intentionally base it on the O. Henry story, "The Ransom of Red Chief", but the idea behind the story cracked me up too much to not try. Zorin, the kidnapper named after a James Bond villain, actually came away from the experience far more whole than I was originally intending to: I really wanted to work in swinging crushing logs, collapsing rope bridges, and Indiana Jones sized boulders in, but alas those seemed too far fetched. Another time, dear Zorin, another time.

The Physicist Bride - A pinch hit for the "self-sacrifice" prompt. Combination of one of my original ideas for the above prompt, and shamelessly inspired by Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities by liketheriverrun (I KNEW IT SOTER! DO YOU HEAR ME?) Rodney and his numerous footnotes took over before I could have him and the rest of the team run rampant over the streets of not!Agrabah and make gratuitous Disney references, but I did manage to work in that chandelier swinging action I've been wanting to do for over a year now. Ah, good times.

Aaaaand now... I ought to pick up Big Bang again, but part of me wants to see if I can't finish my first two ficathon attempts that just kept insisting on jumping genres and see if I can't get them posted before April's up.
Tags: fic rec, no ffnet, sga:fanfic

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