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EDIT: It might help if I actually post said post, instead of letting poor LJ save it as a draft. What is wrong with me lately?

Started this morning:
Oh, look, time and energy for a real post.

My lack of sleep whining last week had to do with... well, lack of sleep. Let's just say that I was not only referring to poor Rodney when I titled that monster story "Wit's End". Thankfully, that demon has been exorcised from my system, and I can move onto bigger things -- namely, yeah, that poor, languishing Big Bang fic. (That I'm technically supposed to have 15K words on come Thursday today... (oops). Oh... that's so not funny I can't help but laugh.)  I've finally convinced myself I can just write straight forward, and if I come up too short at the end of the story, I can go back and add more scenes here and there. I'm not limiting myself to one character's perspective on this one, so that will hopefully make it a little easier.

However I might have to beg for a ride on a motorcycle so a certain scene will come off authentic. Oh yes, the sacrifices I make for my readers. Play the violin for me now.

I might catch up on some, er, promised beta'ing this week before disappearing into another fic, because some anonymous people were really very understanding about that, and fairly instrumental in that two-day 10K+ word run. Give a little bit back, especially considering that I'll be sobbing on their not-so-anonymous shoulder not too much later this week as I try to write "Exciting Action Sequence 1". Seriously, that's all I have in my notes is that it's actiony, and will be exciting. Nothing helpful like, oh, the actual event that happens so I know logically how to build up to said major plot point.

You can tell, I've really thought this through.

Work is... eh, it's work. I get to editing a very exciting sequence in which someone makes a bunch of estrogen capsules, and then later they make an injectable. It's so riveting I'm planning on buying a large McDonald's coffee tomorrow afternoon to settle my nerves. Okay, sarcasm aside the fact that I actually have editing work, things look like they might be settling down at the office place, which means more random partial scenes typed out on notepad at various times in the day. Such as John and Rodney's impromptu sleepover. Oh, I warned you about my lovely planning skills, didn't I?

But yeah, not too much on the horizon other than writing. Still need to buy my ComicCon stuff. I know, Sis, they're not going to let me in the door. That's why I'm bringing Muzz. :D  He'll just snarl at the people at the door and let us by. It's totally troo, I asked him, and Muzz never lies.

And now it's off to flitter upstairs, because I'm apparently still catching up on sleep. Wit's End is right.
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