Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Misleading Spam Subjects, etc

Dear Brain,

"Enjoy Summer Debt Free" ≠ "Enjoy Summer Ferris Wheels".

Spam subject lines are misleading enough on their own. And seeing as how I don't have overwhelming feelings about ferris wheels one way or the other, I think it's safe to assume my mind was elsewhere when I nearly clicked that.

Marathon writing session at lunch brings me to:

Hush! That's 1200 more than I had this morning. Why I can write so much at work and not at home these days still puzzles me (and concerns me a little, because it's hard to break from writing mode after lunch is over). Hopefully my newly cleaned desk back at home will provide a new, soothing writing environment.

Comic Con tickets have been purchased, as has air fare. Still trying to solve that pesky hotel issue, but maybe a third wheel on our bandwagon will help ease that cost burden some. Next year I'm totally picking MediaWest Con, as something tells me Milwaukee Lansing will be a tiny bit easier on the budget.

Oh! And I listened to the first SGA audio drama last week. I'm surprised I haven't seen any reviews on that pop up yet on my f-list or communities (maybe I haven't been looking hard enough -- I have been in a daze the past week or so). Anyone else listened to it yet? Bueller? Bueller?
Tags: big bang, comic con

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