Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull? Awesome! It almost makes me want to track down those old Indiana Jones adventure games and play them. (I kind of want to find the old Star Trek adventure games too. One of our local stations has been playing classic Trek, and I'm finding myself enjoying it immensely.)

I've also been putting my nose to the grindstone, Big Bang-wise, and currently am at:

Of course, I keep forgetting plot threads I'm trying to start/weave, so I have to go back and slip in a few details every now and then after writing a later scene. I have yet to figure out how to work my big villain into the action at the beginning more (I guess that's what editing is for). Right now it's like one giant snarkfest between John and Rodney with several long bits of introspection scattered throughout. I swear, this is the most boring story ever... but I still like it.

Still mulling over gateverse_remix, but I think I might already know which one I'm doing. Just hard to go from one 'verse to the next. They're totally different types of stories.
Tags: big bang, writer's wangst

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