Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

VID: Through the Glass

Weehee! My first vid post! It seems that my editing muse finally woke up. Now if I can just convince her to let me finish that pesky animation version of "A Fowl Encounter", and we'll be gold!

Title: Through the Glass
Stone Sour
WMV, YouTube
SGA 4x04 "Doppelganger"
30.3 MB

This entire video is set to the episode "Doppelganger", because, well, parts of the song wouldn't leave my head until I finished. I was sorely tempted to go steal a close-up of a flat-line from another episode, but I was good and resisted.

We have two flavors, one is download, which is here. [Link]

And thanks to YouTube (well, maybe... if they decide fanvids aren't evil again and start yanking them left and right):

After seeing the YouTube version... I think I like the quality on the WMV file better. Then again, I'm a video quality snob, so what can ya do? Any criticism, constructive, etc, is always welcome!
Tags: sga:vids
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