Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

30_Gens Fic: Never a Nursemaid

No... I'm not procrastinating on continuing my sgabigbang fic at all...

Never a Nursemaid
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen, Humor, (very light) H/C
Word Count: ~6600
Theme number: #6 - Sick Day
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, smatterings of Carson
Spoilers: Teensy tiny ones for "The Game" and some John background from "Outcast".
Summary: John Sheppard failed at bedside vigils. Seriously failed.

Beta: The ever lovely Gayle (whom I finally convinced to get a LJ account, so I can now refer to her as twit1217 as well, bwaha!), for the lightning fast beta and for always laughing at my jokes
Extra Thanks: sgatazmy for the title! Hee! And to water_soter for, um, random dialogue spurning sessions.
A/N: This started out in an exercise to see if I could write a fic of pure, unrepentant fluff. The answer is no, I cannot (*sad*), and was finished as sort of a birthday present for leesa_perrie, who then insisted I share with the world.

( The room was dark... )
Tags: 30gens, sga:fanfic

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