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Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

After (more) sleep and a few episodes of LoM (wah, only three left), I think I might be coming out of my fugue. There was actually quite a bit happening over the past few weeks (other than previously owned vehicles meeting their untimely demise), and actually a lot of them very happy-making.

aqwt101 has translated a few of my stories into Russian!

Rough Landings -
Revenge of the Discs -
Wit's End -

Thank you aqwt101 for all of your hard work in bringing SGA fic for Russian fans.

Also, I didn't realize this until leesa_perrie mentioned it to me, but...

Into the Woods won first place in the Rodney McKay humor section of the first round of the Skiffy Awards. This came as quite a surprise to me, because I didn't realize it had been nominated. It's a good surprise though!

ComicCon is next week, I've got my geeky SGA themed t-shirts ordered and on the way. Now I just need to start packing and do some final last bits of shopping to get ready over the weekend. I think I'll probably pop my head into most of the Stargate-themed panels/gatherings and will hopefully not revert to shy wallflower mode upon not knowing anyone in the room. I also plan on trying to make the Torchwood panel if it doesn't conflict with anything SGA. I might even eventually make it out onto the showroom floor at some point as well!

I'm almost done with the first round of edits on the Big Bang fic (and the word count is erm, yeah, higher). Going to be sent off probably later this evening after a few final tweaks to the lovely kristen999 and everybetty who kindly offered to take on extra beta duties.

And finally, most exciting of all, new Atlantis tonight! Squee!
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