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Comic Con, Day 2 - Stargate Panel(s), Super Sekrit Signings, SURPRISE TORCHWOOD, and uh, more

Note: all pictures in this post have been shrunk down in size and/or cropped for better web viewing quality. I've got some, er, super hi-res versions on my comp, that are about 1.1 MB each, over 400 from the SGA panel alone. A future picspam, with HQ images could be in the works, all depending. However, I make no guarantees on my photography skills.

I wish I had taken notes yesterday like I did Friday, but honestly, there was just no time. My day started early, okay, not as early as some, but I was up until four a.m. the previous night waiting for auragirl and her friend Diane to get in, so waking up before eight a.m. was difficult. I was able to get in contact with jcjoeyfreak, who is officially the awesomest person in the world, who kindly waited in the ultra long line with her equally awesome mother in order to get nice seats. I rushed over to the trolley, which was as crowded as all get out, and proceeded to rush as fast as I could to the panel. Which turned out to be slow, but that's what I get for relying on public transportation. After nearly killing myself power walking across the entire convention center, I arrived -- and politely did not collapse into the seat that jcjoeyfreak saved for me, just sat down like a normal human being.

Then the Stargate Continuum Panel started. I am sure there are videos and transcripts of the panel up by now, so I won't bog it down too much. The picture that would have been awesome to get, but unfortunately I was laughing too hard to get a proper shot, was when Ben Browder and Michael Shanks "greeted" each other. I'm sure someone in the audience wasn't doubled over and managed to get a shot of it, but alas, that person was not me.

It was RDA's first appearance at Comic Con, I thought they may have said it was his first con appearance ever, but I can't be sure. He was really enjoying himself, and was acting very much like good ole Jack O'Neill. His favorite memory from filming Continuum? His poop freezing in Antarctica. I kid you not. I think that was the point where Chris Judge, through peals of laughter, said that all of his future shenanigans were now excused. I have many many pictures of this, however I would like to process them and shrink them for general usability, so perhaps a future post on that itself. In the meantime, here's just one really nice one I managed to get:

They discussed a lot on the movie, and the possibility of future(!) movies. Ben Browder also wants to get on Atlantis, and I snickered uncontrollably because of a conversation kristen999 and I had the other night on a similar subject. For its part, Continuum sounds pretty awesome. I can't say I was exactly disappointed in Ark of Truth, but this next one just sounds that much bigger in scope, and is a storyline unto itself. Everyone in the cast and crew really seemed to enjoy working on the project, and there are supposed to be many many surprises in store. I've already got my copy pre-ordered, so we'll see!

Then came the Stargate Worlds panel. Honestly, I really like the sound of this MMO, even if it doesn't sound like we'll get to go to Atlantis/the Pegasus Galaxy for a while. Storywise, it's supposed to take place in between seasons eight and nine, and expands on a lot of things that happened in the show, such as the origins of the Lucian Alliance, background on the Goa'uld, oh, and something from a different panel, the furlings are supposed to make an appearance. The game itself has not only the full blessing of the show's creative minds, but they're also adding bits and pieces from it into future SG-1 movies (and presumably Atlantis episodes by extension).  I'm not sure if it can be taken as canon, but it'll be pretty close.

And then came the main event (for me): The Atlantis panel!

Panelists included: VP from Sci Fi programming (forget the name, sorry, too lazy to look it up), Brad Wright, Joe Flanigan, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, and Martin Gero the moderator.

Also, my Woolsey/Picardo crush increased about ten-fold, when reviewing my pictures, I realized he pulled out Jewel's chair for her. It was so cute!

There was... a lot of laughing going on during the panel:

(If Joe could play any other character, it would be Woolsey. The reasoning why escapes me.)

The Q&A panel revealed many a thing, including that Keller, gets kidnapped in the woods. A lot. And that if she could play any other character it would be Teyla, because "she's hot!"

Joe told us about the dangers of filming "kicking your own ass", and I proceed to try out the "3-frames per second" feature on my camera.

Okay, I admit... I just kept taking pictures of Joe for his expressions.

Joe Flanigan wants YOU to watch SGA live. Okay, he's probably just telling us something else, I'm slightly sleep deprived at this point so I can't remember what.

And me and jcjoeyfreak's personal favorite picture from the panel came when they were talking about Jason Momoa, er, humping Robert Picardo's leg as a way of greeting. The Flan's reaction is similar to mine:

The panel discussed Robert Picardo's addition to the cast, and how Woolsey would shape up as the next leader. Keller's love life... Sheppard and Teyla's relationship, which I both agreed with and disagreed with but that's another post entirely... ooh, and favorite upcoming episodes/scenes. Almost everyone cited "The Shrine" as their favorite/most emotional episode. And I think the part that I nearly bounced out of my seat in excitement with is supposed to be a scene between John and Rodney during the episode, that was Brad Wright's favorite of the episode, because in his mind it's what SGA is all about. And it's on either a balcony or pier. John and Rodney friendship scene on balcony/pier, full of emoting goodness, oh, be still my heart. And I know I'm leaving out a million things, but it was simply awesome. If you can find the panel on YouTube or some other site, I do suggest watching it.

After the SGA panel, we headed down to the Stargate Worlds booth to get a picture in front of the Stargate there. Really, that's why we headed down! Just, y'see, when we got there, they blocked off the Stargate said, "Sorry no pictures", and that was when we learned there was going to be a signing by the panels. Super Sekrit unannounced signing! Oh, the trick was is that you needed a ticket that they were passing out downstairs during the long lines of the panel, and supposedly to a few random patrons in the panel. I called shenanigans on that, but no one listened to me. Typical.

So, instead of taking off, we decided to hang around and see if we could get pictures.

This is Michael, head QA guy on Stargate Worlds, and part of the human line meant to keep us paparazzi back. Very funny guy, kept joking with us about his "bodyguard" status, and went into a little bit of detail with me about the upcoming beta phase on the MMO.

Oh, and the Continuum cast arrived at some point too ;)  It was actually really difficult to get any nice shots, since those lucky bastards that got the blue tickets kept getting in the way of my beautiful new lens. I mean, yeah, they're getting an autograph and get to see their favorite stars up close, but what about me? Well, I eventually came to my senses and took auto-focus off and switched out to my zoom lens.

RDA and I take pictures of each other.

And when everything is going swimmingly, I've finally figured out the new lens, suddenly Amanda Tapping lunges across the table at what I at first think is a fan, and screams in excitement. Then I stare for about two seconds when I suddenly realize that Cliff Simon (aka Ba'al), has snuck through the autograph line. I think I may have had a fangirl moment as I tried to tell the world why I was bouncing with excitement. This did not lead to good picture taking:

Then Cliff was gone, like the dashing villain he plays on-screen.

I managed to get a few really pretty shots of Ben, for certain people who may have a teeny crush on him:

And the Martin Wood, Amanda Tapping, and Ben Browder half of the signing got bored at some point, and began doodling on the table:

Martin Wood's Mickey Mouse

I have no idea who this was Ben drew, but it amused me nonetheless.

Then after the cast departed, we waited some more. Some of us may have been hoping to get more pictures of Teh Flan, but he didn't wind up coming. We were joking about him being hung over at the panel, but I'm guessing he probably wanted to spend time with his kids. Robert, Jewel, and Martin Gero did show up for the signing though, and I managed to get some really nice shots of Robert P. And yes, I need to get over my Woolsey crush, but c'monnnn... bald is kinda cute. I really couldn't get any good pictures of Jewel from the angle/crowds, and I felt bad because of the constant flash going off in her eyes from other people trying to get pictures, so I stopped trying after a while.

Then I got the most awesome picture of the whole day, which looks amazing in hi-rez:

The zoom is amazing, because I swear in the hi-rez version you can see pores. But, uh, I don't feel comfortable exposing Robert Picardo's pores to the world, so you guys get a shrunken down version.

Then, because we'd been standing for hours, we decided to go try and find food. We got distracted at a booth that was selling nice professional quality pictures. I start paging through the SGA bin when I hear a familiar voice. I turn around, and what do I see?:

Ianto's back!

Oh, and John Barrowman, baby snatcher :D

How I managed to miss seeing not only John Barrowman, but John Barrowman playing with a baby, is beyond me. I just about died from the cute though. He had a fun time holding the kid, and then swung him around in the air, which the baby loved. The combined laughter from the tiny toddler, Gareth one seat over, and John himself just about undid me.

Of course, I had nothing for him to sign, and was a little too embarrassed to say hi without supporting the signing with some sort of purchase, I stood a few feet back and took some pictures.

I tried to take a picture of Gareth, but I have yet to master the lens, especially with the flash off. He saw me trying and posed for me, and I once again die, because "Ianto" is smiling at me. I, of course, can't think of anything to say or do that wouldn't be flaily, so I take a picture, smile, and quickly get out of there before I embarrass myself.

And that's not the end of the day, but I have to go do some work on my gateverse_remix story, so I'll leave off with this picspam and make another entry tomorrow. I promise I'll catch up on comments eventually!
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