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Gateverse Remix!

And I know I have like another few days of vacation to squee and flail about, but upon my return to my humble abode I woke up... well, not sick as a dog, but I am definitely not in the land of sunshine and lollipops. I'd go to a doctor, but the last time I did that when I felt really under the weather he was all "Oh, I am diagnosing you with a runny nose!" and I just about punched him in the runny nose, so I think I'll prescribe myself sleep and leave it at that.

But, Monday, other than the draggy things, was very cool, as it was gateverse_remix reveal day!

I got assigned leesa_perrie, who it was very hard to not slip up and reveal that to (although she probably totally guessed it at some point). I'd like to say that it took me a really hard time to figure out what I wanted to remix, but I've always been a little bit in love with her Cousins Series, and I got bit with the image of John trying to teach Rodney to drive, and somehow that morphed into...

Driver's Ed (An Annoying Cousin, the Dukes of Hazzard Remix) (~4,200 words)
PG, gen, AU - Remix of leesa_perrie's An Annoying Cousin
Like every new life experience, Rodney McKay had been absolutely terrified, and it was John's duty as the older, more responsible sibling... cousin—to impart the wisdom of the older generation.

On the flip side, dossier was assigned to me, and did a wonderful, awesome, and "I really wish I had thought of that" remix of "No Traveller Returns", documenting the further adventures of the RepliTeam, and a really interesting and chilling twist on the end of my fic that makes a lot of sense after watching "Be All My Sins Remember'd": No Traveller Returns (the Look Homeward, Angel remix)

I still haven't worked my way through everything that's been posted, but I did manage to read xparrot's Any Port in a Storm (Cold Winds, Hot Air remix), which is Ronon and Rodney stuck in a blizzard, chock full o' h/c and I cannot stress the awesomeness of the dialogue. Just about every single one of Rodney's lines is a gem, and the Ronon voice is spectacular.
Tags: feeling the ♥, fic rec, sga:fanfic
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