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Big! Bang! Preview! -- dvd_commentary -- TS Eduardo

I want to thank everyone who voted in yesterday's poll. The trailer style preview won by a landslide, so I wound up going with that one (although I might do something with the Slighty Sinister Corporate Welcome Packet at a later date ;)

So! The preview for my sgabigbang fic is officially up over at the comm. Check it out! I, er, spent maybe a teensy bit too much time on it.

I also wholeheartedly suggest checking out all of the other previews that have been put up. They all sound so very awesome. I just cannot wait for next week to get here. I have little doubt that the Big Bang will live up to its name.

I've also offered up my all of my fic over at dvd_commentary, which looks like an awesomely fun idea. I haven't had a chance to read through any of the commentaries yet, but I know several authors have signed up (including friendshipper, naye, xparrot, leesa_perrie, jadesfire2808, and kristen999). I think I want to sign up for a commentary or two myself, but I don't know if I'll have time yet, and don't want to commit until I know for sure.

I just love the thought of extended commentary/discussions on fanfic in general. If it sounds like your thing, I believe they're still accepting both authors and commentators.

Finally, I'm a wimp, and decided to stay home today rather than be adventurous and risk driving home in the middle of TS Eduardo this evening. I know, I know, playing Russian Roulette with street/highway flooding is fun, but I thought, "hey, if the General floods out, it's not like I can go back to my old car", so, at least for today, caution is the better part of valor.

My rapidly dwindling personal time (stupid mystery bug) doesn't thank me, but oh well. I've done the "drive home in tropical storm" routine before, and I'd rather be trapped in my home than trapped outside of it.
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