Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

MGM SGA Pairing Poll?

Oh. Dear. God.

The anti-shipper in me is cringing, especially since they refused to give people the option of "OMGNOCOUPLINGPLZ". Bastards. So in order to mess with them I chose what seemed to me to be the lesser of all evils, and voted McKay/Carter. Hope to god the producers don't take those polls seriously (SERIOUSLY, no canon Sheppard/Teyla, plzkthnx).

...although I would have been thoroughly amused had they decided to indulge the slashers and put McKay/Sheppard on there. Sadly, there love can never even be approached in a poll.

I'm off to shiver in my anti-ship corner, covering myself with my anti-ship blanket, and try to focus on maybe turning something out for this month's flashfic, as I had an epiphany looking at an older story earlier today. That, or I could edit the Nameless Name Fic, which still has something that's bothering me as "not quite right". Poor fic, it's been completed since like the beginning of October.

...or maybe I'll be really unproductive and make a Rodney McKay avatar in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. That sounds kinda fun...

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