Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
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Fic Meme

Snerched from... half my f-list? Even if I haven't quite had time to respond to them all yet.

List one, three, or five of your favorite stories that you have written and why they are your favorite.

Members of this author's flist: list one, three, or five of your favorite stories by this author and why they are your favorite. Then copy this meme and post it on your own journal for the same.

Dead or Alive - An oldie, but still one of my favorites. Re-reading it today, there are some things I would fix grammar and narrative-wise (I really skimmed over the implications of something I kept hinting at, that today I would have tried to address), but it's a nice, fairly light-hearted action/adventure buddy fic set in season one. it's focus is definitely on John and Rodney, but it's probably the closest thing I've written to a "team" fic. Of my early stuff I think it's one that stands the test of time more.

Revenge of the Discs - Because it still manages to crack me up, even today. It was just way too much fun to write what with the differing perspectives and the yanking around of the narrative. I might have pulled something trying not to snicker too loudly while at the office. I still can't throw away a pile of CDs without thinking of the line "your ass had more shimmer than a disco ball".

Thicker Than Water - This one I am still very fond of, despite the angst it induced during the writing and titling process. There are a lot of reasons I really like it, some of them having to do with my own family life, but I really liked the way it turned out. There was a lot of things I didn't actually write down, but I was trying to hint at without saying. Of course, knowing exactly where things are headed with the boys at the end probably makes the ending easier for me to stomach.

Wit's End - I broke Rodney, and darn it, it was fun. Time loops = no long term consequences (physically anyway), and it was just fun to explore Rodney's character and push his buttons in various ways. And what I thought would wind up making him snap didn't turn out to be the breaking point. I possibly also love my villain more than is healthy (and his awful, cheesy, groan-inducing name).

See No Evil - My sgabigbang monster, and officially the longest thing I've written -- ever. Yes, yes, I know I said I hated it while I was writing it, but now that it's done we're best friends. This thing tested me in more ways than I can possibly talk about in one post. As a writer, it's the first time I've had interweaving plot threads, subplots, and themes and symbolism pop out at me in the middle of writing. It's just... it's special.

Looking at it... most of those are fairly recent. I think this year alone, I've been able to really start to pin down what "works" and why. Around the end of last year I started looking at my favorite authors and studying their stuff and why it resonated with me so much. I don't think I've really cracked it, but I think I've been learning how to add a little more depth (at least to my eyes) to my writing.
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