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Calling for prompts

Back in the beginning of July, leesa_perrie  and I both geeked out a little over e-mail discussing the idea of doing an advent Calendar type project. It's almost the beginning of September, I know, (I'm a little slow), but I'm finally ready to officially start on mine. I've never really done anything like this before, so hopefully I don't come off sounding pretentious.
So I have almost a whole month to fill with fannish goodness, a friends list full of wonderful people, a season with the spirit of giving, and a really crazy, crazy idea that might be fun, so therefore I offer... a form to fill out:

Poll #1247998 Twelve Days of Ficmas
This poll is closed.


Stargate Atlantis
Four Brothers

Christmas! (er, in theme)

Don't Care



Ship/Slash (please indicate which two characters above)


The prompt can be anything you'd like (a word, phrase, an actual scene or fic idea) and does not necessarily have to be Christmas related. And bonus, yes I did offer to write ship/slash (well, for SGA only. Shipping/slashing gets a little uncomfortable making for me in the other fandoms), although I'm not much of a romantic, but the offer is there. My aim is to have a minimum of 500 words for each ficlet, but ciould wind up being more than that knowing my writing habits lately.

There are twelve slots to fill, so I will take either the first twelve people, or if there are less than twelve people, twelve prompts split in a way that spreads the love the most. With that in mind, feel free to submit multiple prompts (via comments) if you'd like. All comments will be screened (to hopefully preserve the feeling of opening a gift).

I would also like to write something SGA specifically for Christmas Day that might be slightly holiday themed (knowing me, in a very offbeat manner). I'm thinking some wild/crazy Pegasus take on the whole Christmas thing (like Santa Clause originated from the Pegasus Galaxy kind of strange)... or, well I have no clue, so anyone wanting to share an idea for that is certainly welcome to. And yes, I'm insane, I realize this.

If anyone else is intrigued/curious, Leesa's post explaining the concept is here.

ETA: Fics will be posted sometime in December (I haven't determined the actual posting date/order quite yet)

ETA2: All 12 slots have now been filled! Now comes the hard part--waiting ;)
Tags: 12 days of ficmas, advent calendar 2008

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