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Whumpathon, Bringing the Happy -- and Firefox

The trip to DFW this weekend was very relaxing (house hunting relaxing? Whut?), and actually made me feel really good and dare I say, happy about the very scary changes I'm about to make in my life. Sadly, those changes are still at the very least a few months off in the future. So in the meanwhile, I'm looking very much forward to getting back into the swing of writing.

Two fun challenges are going on/signing up this week that I plan on participating in, and therefore would like to pimp.

friendshipper is organizing a gen SGA H/C fic exchange (or as I'm thinking of it, the fall SGA Whumpathon :D) over at sgahcchallenges. Sign-ups close this Friday, and stories are due beginning of October. Being an H/C junkie of primarily the gen persuasion, this makes me very happy. Go, sign up! Let us flood the intarw3bs with hurt, comfort, and Team Dork! Sign up post is here.

jadesfire2808 is hosting a multi-fandom comment fic HappyFest at [info]bringthehappy, which focuses on happy endings and bringing the warm and fuzzies. They're still gathering prompts until early Wednesday morning (UK time I believe), and instructions for writing will go up tomorrow morning. Warm and fuzzies ftw! Prompt gathering post is here.

And on the non-fannish side of things: is it just me, or is Mozilla's server really slow today? Is everyone and their mother downloading Firefox 3? (Well, I know I am...) I got up to like 2.3 KB/s and got excited. Oh, this might take a while.
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