Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

Last Friday... was really not a good night. Thankfully, I made the discovery of the new Doctor Who on my Tivo, which saved me from an embarrassing incident of crying on my f-list's shoulder. Of course, being of the fannish mindset, just a few episodes would not do, oh no. I wound up watching the last third of season three, plus all of season four over the long weekend. I officially love Donna Noble, former bridezilla and her pseudo-sibling relationship with the Doctor. And am sorely disappointed that we (likely) won't see her again.

Of course, I watched everything completely out of order, so I've still got the first half of season three to watch, most of season two, and all of season one to watch. Probably says something good about the series that I can hop around like this.

Loved Torchwood's guest appearance in the Who finale (oh, Jack, giving your team big group hugs as you sadly announce that everyone's going to die?), and am now considering tracking down Sarah Jane Adventures, just so I have something to occupy my mind. I would love to be writing, but I'm afraid my frame of mind is just not with it enough (and I had the perfect entry for John Sheppard and interior decorating over at bringthehappy
Most of this week is going to feel like twiddling my thumbs until Thursday afternoon.

And because we all need a little smile this early... lolcats:

ETA: Firefox 3 + LJ do not like me this morning.
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