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Torchwood - Lost Souls (+ rambling on Big Finish Gate Dramas)

*kicks this stupid RTF editor for the quadbillionth time* This thing hates me today!

Achem! The original post:

Radio drama!

For the next seven days (I think), you can download the radio episode. It being PowerPoint Day here in the office (I have to check five gabillion PowerPoints for AV standards, exciting stuff, I assure you), it gives me something extra to do during my time. I usually save the Big Finish Stargate audio dramas for these lovely, neck-crick inducing days, but I found this (thanks to a post by jadesfire, thank you! You helped me stave off boredom!)

I love radio dramas. I have a few backlog MP3s of some Gunsmoke ones stashed somewhere (a few on my iPod that only seem to crop up when I want to listen to music), as they're great to occupy the listening side of my brain while I'm doing some other task, usually driving or my favorite of all days, PowerPoint day. BBC has really nice production values, the audio is crisp, they have lovely music, and almost a full cast for this production, which makes it, at least for me, that much more enjoyable to listen to than the Big Finish productions*.

(Chronologically, I'm thinking it's set between "Exit Wounds" and "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End". So therefore, major spoilers for "Exit Wounds" to those who haven't seen that episode.)

It plays like an extra Torchwood episode, with some lovely interaction with the team, and I think does a really good job of dealing with the events of "Exit Wounds" and touching on the lingering emotions in all of the team. Gwen's reaction that she was talking about with Martha struck me in particular, because... well, it just comes close to my own feelings of grief. I wouldn't say it's groundbreaking entertainment, but it is fun listen to.

* - I really do enjoy the Big Finish productions. They're fun, acted well, have really good production values (even if they recycle the music a tiny bit), and they keep me entertained. However, there's not much re-listening value for me, because there's not nearly enough interaction between canon characters within the stories. And, for me at least, that's their big downfall. With the exception of two, now that I've said that. "Shell Game", which starred both Claudia Black and Michael Shanks, and therefore was pretty awesome in its own right. Especially Vala's take on her teammates. Also the very first one, "Gift of the Gods", which is classic SG-1 fare, acted by Michael Shanks and, uh, some other guy -- but had a good amount of team love and interaction between Daniel and everyone on base. Come to think of it, that's both of SG-1's (I haven't listened to Janet's yet, so therefore it hasn't "happened").

I do love the characters as individuals but... well, single-character stories just don't interest me that much I'm finding out. Still, they are usually fairly well-executed stories that help pass the time in traffic or during PowerPoint checking, and a fun way to hear the cast or (with the upcoming Zelenka one) get some B-team adventures!

I still want a Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett one, darn it. I'd wear that CD out.

But, uh, right, Torchwood. Available for download here for the next week.
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