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Time to Virtual Hurricane Party ( it's 1999!)

In honor of Monsieur Ike brewing and slowly creeping his way out of the gulf, I have decided to host a hurricane party. Of course, this party will be virtual, that way it stays safe, dry, and everyone can come!

You are all cordially invited to join me in the safety and relative dryness of netspace as we weather out the storm1 in our respective corners of the world. Virtual blankets, cots, and bean bag chairs are scattered about this post for your comfort, a massive imaginary entertainment center to your right, and of course, the snack table in the back. For the imbibers, I direct you the invisible well-stocked bar, where the wild-haired Czech/bartender2 will be glad to assist you. We also have a virtual minifridge stocked with plenty of soda and water for tho who prefer to abstain.

No need to bring anything to the party but yourself, however any offerings of virtual snacks, lawl-worthy net macros, amusing anectdotes, comment!fic/art/etc, YouTube clips, recs, random philosophical discussions, or anything really is always welcomed and appreciated. After all, it's a party!3

Pull up a chair, bean bag, floating carpet, or seating choice of your fancy and join the party in the comments section!

1 - If it's sunny in your area, we can totally weather that out too. Hey, what are friends for?
2 - Use caution when ordering from the Zelenka-tender. He has been known to hoist his fanon, but very potent homebrewed vodka on unsuspecting patrons.
3 - There's a distinct possibility I have no earthly clue on how to throw parties?
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