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How is it the end of September already?

I was looking at the calendar this morning, and realized a little sheepishly that this Thursday was the day I had signed up to participate in sgabigbang's September promotion. Like usual, I completely lost track of time and therefore haven't given it too much thought (whoops). So, in the great tradition of greyias procrastination... I turn to my f-list and those random passerbys for help.

I could probably talk about the story and the universe it takes place in at great length, but I thought it might be nice to address any questions, concerns, or curiosities that people had (if there are any.)

For those who have read my epic monster (known in some circles as See No Evil), are there any burning questions you've been wanting to ask? Or possibly things you're mildly curious about -- be something within the story itself, questions on the writing process, why the heck I did X/Y/Z, where does everyone go from here, did I make my beta cry, or even how many meltdowns and writerly rants I forced my poor support group to endure? I'm pretty much game for anything.

Also, if anyone hasn't read it but has a question, feel free to ask as well. The more the merrier!
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