Grey Lupous (greyias) wrote,
Grey Lupous

"This Mortal Coil" Initial Ep Reaction

Well, I can't say two of the big twists in this episode I figured out before they aired.

Spoilers below the cut.

As soon as I saw stills from the promos they released, and noticed that Rodney was in his original costume in some (and then noticed it on other people), I knew what was going on. Well, not that they were humans with nanites, but that they weren't the original team. So I guess I didn't see that coming. The tower not being the real Atlantis... well there's no way they could fix that, and they'd mess up all their pretty establishing shots. I thought it was going to be Asuras for a while (until I noticed it was Ancient ship, then I remembered that Larrin has an Ancient ship, but then I was like... well, it was a cycling of thoughts). So I sorta knew, but I guess I didn't know.

That said, it's always an interesting concept. I liked that they never used the word "clone". It's a very dehumanizing term (just like Replicator. Why can't they call them Asurans? That's who they are!). One thing bugged me though... was this supposed to take place as if Atlantis had escaped ala "Lifeline" and "Adrift", and thus that's why Elizabeth was sequestered in a different section of the city? And speaking of Elizabeth 2.0, I don't recall seeing her in the jumper in the end, nor did she come through the gate. Exactly where did she get herself off to? Guess we'll see in the next episode.

Was disappointed Team Shep 2.0 (probably) did not survive the episode, as I think it would make interesting fic fodder of the nanite-Atlanteans as they try to make their way in Pegasus. Guess there's always AU, but I've got so many already. No more bunnies, please! (friendshipper you are partially responsible for this. Curse you and your awesome Texas AU!)  ...but I digress.

Favorite moments:

The two Sheppards rolling their eyes as the Rodneys start talking over each other, their pitch and speed picking up exponentially.

The disgruntled Ronons, not liking each other. Apparently "there can be only one"!

Radek and Rodney's talk, the fact that Carson's death has finally been acknowledged. Thank you JM!

Oh, and of course, John coming to check up on Rodney at the end, and try to make him sleep (but I think understanding that throwing himself into his work is Rodney's way of dealing, or rather, not dealing until a more convenient time). The fade to black, pause, "beepbeepbeepbeepbeeeeeeeep" "Oh. Crap." was also nicely done. There's a cliffie that won't kill me with suspense, although seeing as how I was bouncing up and down around yesterday for new episodes, I don't think it's cliffhangers that keep me coming back.

Okay, off to read and respond to others!
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