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The Lost Tribe -- Initial Reaction


My reaction to "First Contact" is scattered throughout other posts, but before I forget, I figured I would make a quick reaction post. In no particular order, the big giant hearts:

♥ John's face as he was forced to make a decision that was basically "Rodney or the galaxy (plus the Daedelus crew)", awww, John...
♥ Poor Daniel's betrayal over the rogue Asgard's utter callousness.
♥ Nice callback to Loki. Never thought he could be the only one who thought that way.
♥ McJackson snark
♥ John playing "human shield" with Radek. Aww...
♥ John in the infirmary (OUCH), getting glass picked out of his back. With his dog tags hanging down, and generally looking haggard, yet stoic and manly. Yum.
♥ Oh, Todd. You and Woolsey make such a cute couple. XD
♥ NEW VILLAIN who can kick everyone's ass, but be slightly pacific at the same time. SWEET! (However, they need a new name, because calling them "Asgard" feels wrong)
♥ Teyla doesn't want to be left behind!
♥ Ronon's Daedelus warfare, dropping down from ceilings, GLEEFULLY blowing up major systems ("Nah, life support's over there... I think." Did you take lessons since DV Ronon? Aww)
♥ Ahahaha! Keller's "I'm bowing down to your request and--PSYCH!" moment. Maybe I imagined the sneaky look on her face. That was priceless.
♥ Rodney's been hanging around John too long! "Let's blow it up!" "That's your plan?" "It's the cornerstone of distractions!"
♥ I like new Traveler girl. (Plus, she played Anna on One Tree Hill. And crap, I just outted myself to being someone who watches One Tree Hill.)
♥ John feels dissed that Larrin hasn't called. Ahaha, oh, John. She's just not that into you.
♥ EVERYONE SAVES THE DAY (including Marks)
♥ Danny Whump! (But without worried team, aww... but we get worried, babbly Rodney!)
♥ Woolsey putting his foot down and blowing that machine sky high. (Okay, I may disagree with the decision, but Oh, Woolsey!)
♥ Rodney not complimenting people unless they're dying: "It's something I'm working on." Okay, so it's not really true, but it made me laugh either way. Oh, Rodney.
♥ Poor Ronon, getting rejected, but trying to play it off... but can't say I didn't see that coming.

(Clubs, because there are no broken heart symbols for things that disappointed me):
♣ Big giant broken heart/club over the head to the idiot who decided to release the big reveal as a commercial, ruining that element of suspense for me (and the person who uploaded it on YouTube. Argh! SPOILERS EVIL!)
♣ No Rodney + John ANY OF THE TEAM reunion scene
♣ This one I'm a little more confused on than broken hearted about. I was 99.99% sure that Keller wasn't going to choose Ronon (from spoilers I caught accidentally), and from her reactions in the episode... it seemed to me her decision may have been based on not really agreeing with his tactics. That's the way I'm taking it, that poor Ronon had a chance and wasn't chasing after someone who'd already given her heart away. One-Sided-Pining!Satedan ≠ ♥
♣ Where was Lorne? I don't think John was implying that he doesn't trust Lorne to run Atlantis... I'm sure that was basically a "at least I can keep Teyla safe" maneuver on John's part keeping her there. But really?
♣ Where was Colonel BCaldwell... for the whole episode? Was Mitch Pillegi unavailable for filming on the second half? If so, couldn't they have said he was knocked out or something? Longest BRB EVAH!
Oh god, I can see the Keller wankstorm brewing already. I'm going to practice my ostrich impersonation methinks.
♣ I can haz team reunion? Oh wait, I already said that.

Woolsey Crush Episode Rating (out of 5 ♥s):
♥ ♥ ♥ ½

Overall, awesome episode, and one I'll definitely be rewatching. I have faith that anything I have forgotten to mention, the rest of my f-list will.
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