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It's a Monday...

There is absolutely nothing fannish under these cuts. But there are macros, comics, and general babbling.

So I realized this morning that in fact I haven't made a non-private post in about ten days. Heh, whoops. What can I say? Things imploded on me last week, and it's taken me a little while to regain my mental equilibrium. To sum it up in short: remember when I mentioned I was going to make huge, sweeping, life-changing decisions? Well, those completely and totally fell through last Sunday, complete with obligatory emotional nuclear meltdowns. So, it's a new week, and I've finally convinced myself that I won't run away to Australia, Alaska, Africa, or any other place that begins with "A" for the time being -- but I reserve the right to change my mind at any point in the future.

Also, I finally broke about two weeks ago and bought myself a shiny new, ultraportable laptop. It turns out... I really don't like the Linux installation it came with (SUSE Enterprise 10). So I've been researching putting Ubuntu on it. I have yet to attempt to void my warranty try out this endeavor, but I have the sinking feeling it's going to turn out like this:

There is already a betting pool going around in my family to see how long it takes me to break and install Windows on it. However, I shall persevere! (Unless I can't figure out how to turn off the stupid SCIM hotkey that I keep activating [I don't need the ability to type in Mandarin, TYVM.]) I was hoping to have everything ironed out so I could use it at our International Seminar this week, because my Treo has all but self-destructed on me. Sadly, that's not the case. So I might bite the bullet and get the stupid, overpriced, overhyped iPhone with its stupid lack of a functional, greyias-approved keyboard like the G1 soon to be offered by my hated cell company nemesis T-Mobile. Unlocked ftw?. After all, I won't be paying rent in the near future, so I might as well spend my money on something. /bitter

Saw last week's SGA after wrangling with the internet all of Friday night, but I don't think I can sum up my feelings on it any better than tipper_green did here. It was a fun romp, some nice snark, I liked the dark edge, but had a few caveats. Next week, though... WOOLSEY! :D \o/ I'm sad, I know.

And... yeah, not much else happening. Right now I'm basically living vicariously through kymbie's African adventures. It's much more fun than thinking about other things.
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