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Uh oh...

I found the Popular Mechanics Website. This could be bad.

1. Hybrid Dirigibles! I so want to write a story with these guys.

2. Bionic Eye! Who needs a HUD on a jumper when you can see everything in your contact lens?

3. Polaroid PoGo - Eeenteresting... looks more like something my little sister would buy (hrm, Christmas idea!), but no ink photos? (ZINK?) Kinda cool.

4. Hrmm... the article claims the image quality in this guy is more on par with an SLR, citing sensor size as part of the reason those cameras take such good pictures... of course, that's not the only reason. It claims this guy takes pretty good pictures though. For those into sweet looking photography but needing portability, this guy is definitely cool. I don't think it completely beats out SLRs, since you still can't swap out your lenses, and it's not superfast (no three frames per second on this guy).

5. Microsoft Photosynth? Never heard of this one before. Supposedly it can take a series of photos, analyze them, and generate a 3D environment from the overlap points. This is one that I'll believe when I see (and also believe when I see it doesn't slow my computer down to a snail's pace.) However... if it works as advertised, could be very cool. Question is, can it do the same for screen shots? (Virtual tour of Atlantis, anybody?)

6. Okay, maybe not so cool, but the thought of filling up a jacket with leaves and whatnot amuseth me greatly. I guess it would be the sort of thing that comes in handy if you get lost in a very cold forest with lots of dead leaves lying around.

Okay, I have to get back to work now. Popular Mechanics bad.
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